Currently, 10% of the population account for most of South Africa's economic activities. For as long as most South Africans remain excluded from the economy, growth will remain a challenge.

High unemployment is at the core of most of our problems, But even though millions of people are looking for work, companies struggle to find the right people because of a serious shortage of skills. The human resource challenges faced by companies are almost identical, regardless of industry, yet there is a limited collaboration to find a common response.

Employers have little choice but to get involved in growing the talent that they need to succeed. The Jobs Summit brings together employers, industry associations, SETAs and government to find innovative solutions to developing skills and reducing unemployment.

A key strategy is to mobilise leading companies across industries to give inexperienced youth their fist work opportunity. Research shows that anyone with six to twelve months work experience has an 80% change of finding long term employment.

  • Key Note Address by the Premier of Gauteng
  • Industry recommendations by various sectors
  • Adoption of a common strategy
  • Signing of pledges by individual companies
  • Recognition of outstanding industries and companies


To help employers bring youth on board, the Ubuntu Initiative will provide the participants with support in:

  • Securing finances for the intervention
  • Recruiting candidates
  • Sourcing training providers
  • Coaching of the new hires
  • Project management and reporting

Please click here to confirm your participation at the upcoming Jobs Summit industry consultation and planning meetings.