Ubuntu Initiative

Over half of South Africa's 36 million working age population are youth, between the afes of 15 and 34 years. Some of the disturbing facts in the socio-economic problems facing this vital segment of the labour market are highlighter below:

  • 3,6 million youth are unemployed, of which two thirds are long-term unemployed;
  • 1,5 million are discourages work seekers, meaning that they are youth that have given up persuing employment altogether;
  • Nearly 12 million (61%) have not completed matric;
  • Only 1,7 million (8,6%) have a tertiary education,
  • 5,5 million (28%) live in households where no one is working.

The uncertainty and disillusionment that young men and women face in completing their education and finding employment can result in a vicious cycle of intergenerational poverty and social exclusion, with damaging effects on individuals, communities economies and society at large.

The Ubuntu Initiative is founded on the philosophy of Ubuntu, or shared concern for humanity. It has been described as a philosophy that supports the changes that are necessary to create an economically and environmentally sustainable future.

  • To increase the skills pool in key growth sectors of the economy;
  • To reduce unemployment by providing skills development and employment opportunities to out of school youth using the "earn as you learn" model;
  • To provide youth with a one-stop shop portal for vocational career development information and opportunities;
  • To promote vocational careers to youth in schools as an attractive and promising alternative to higher education.
  • Private and public sector institutions join forces to address the challenge of unemployment and shortage of critical skills;
  • Industry task teams develop initiatives, concentrating on economic areas where there is genuine growth and where decent jobs are available;
  • Industries participate in an annual Jobs Summit and awards programme, to review and celebrate progress and achievements and sets new targets;
  • Participating employers incorporate elements of the B-BBBEE scorecard into the integrated industry strategy.

The Ubuntu Initative is born out of over 16 years direct experience in the management of employment and skills development programmes. With more than 12,000 youth placed in permanent employment, our team has expertise in human resource development, education and training, project management and IT system development.

Please click here to confirm your participation at the upcoming Jobs Summit industry consultation and planning meetings.